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Most popular sights in Jurmala:

The sea – Jurmala Apartment is 300 m from the sea.

Dzintari Concert Hall – the Dzintari Concert Hall is 800 m away, which is a popular place for concerts and events in Latvia during the summer season and also in winter. More details: here.

Jomas street –Jomas street which is for pedestrians is just 150 m away. It’s a popular place for walking and meals.

Dzintari Park –Dzintari Park and a watch tower is 1 km away. The park has childrens’ playgourounds, rollerblade lanes for the summer and skiing trails/walking lanes in winter, a skatepark, streetball field, cafes and other activities. The park is open all year round.

Jurmala City Museum – Jurmala City Museum, which tells the visitos about the beginnings of the resort and its development from the end of the 19th century until today is just 350 m away.

Livu Waterpark – the biggest enclosed waterpark in Northern Europe, which is open all year round is located 5 km away. More details: here.

Star Cinema Jurmala – just a 5 min walk away you can find a 2 hall cinema located in Korso Gallery, which not only provides you with amazing sound and picture, but also has comfortable chairs, quality equipment and an original design. Check out the screenings on Facebook: Star Cinema Jurmala.

Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk –  Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk ir a popular tourist attraction in Kemeru National Park where you can see the high bog and its creatures. A car ride will take about 45 minutes. Hiking lovers can choose either a 1,4 km or 3,4 km walk, the best thing is definitely the viewing platform where you can gaze at the bog lanscape from above. More details here

Public transport – the bus and train is located 500 m away from Jurmala apartment. More details: Bus traffic or train schedule.